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The Best Way To Track Your Time With Your Client

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It does not matter if your self-employed or an employee. With time:me you are able to track your time accurately, so you can easily bill your Client. No more paperwork! Nevermore complaints about incorrect bills!

Create events automatically 

Easy tracking control

Add tracks manually

Exclusive time:me Widget

Start tracking with only a single swipe

Easy tracking overview

Event notifications

That's what customers say:


I  use  the app for time tracking with my appointments and I love it. Starting and stopping with the widget works really quickly and reliably. Just great😁👍

Top App


The App helps me to track my daily meetings with my clients. Very reliable and very easy to handle, even for me as  an older person. I can absolutely recommend it!!!😊👌🏼

My daily companion


The app is structured perfectly and comply due to the easy and clear control, what it should!

Very helpful!

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