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What is time:me+?

With your time:me+ membership you can use time:me and all it's features permanently and you are independent from the 60-days testing period.


time:me fave features include:


Automatic event creation

You don't have to create a track manually anymore, because time:me uses the events in Calendar. And based on your Calendar entries, time:me creates events automatically!


Easy tracking controls

With the time:me widget you can start or stop your track with a single touch. And after you stopped an event you're able see your tracked time in the widget immediately.


Edit tracks

Mistakes even happen to the best. If you need to change the start or end time of a track you can do that easily in the track details.


Add tracks manually

Add tracks you couldn't track manually with just a couple of clicks and keep all your tracks in one place.


Track Overview

Get an overview of your tracked events in the track overview and check easily how much time you spent at a specific event.


Track Notifications

Focus is essential, we care about the rest! Nevermore forget to track your time, because you focused on what's important. We send you a notification before each event, so you can keep your mind free for the tasks that really matter.